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Papier Poudré Gift Pack (3 x 65 leaf booklets)


Papier Poudre gift pack

Papier Poudré Gift Pack (3 x 65 leaf booklets)


A set of 3 natural powdered face blotting powders by the authentic original, Papier Poudré

Product Description

What is Papier Poudré?

Papier Poudré is a British beauty brand that has been trading since 1903. The products are manufactured in the UK, and comprise a range of natural bamboo based face blotting papers with a powdered finish. These absorbent papers clean the face and remove shine.

The product names Lehcaresor® Papier Poudre, Lehcaresor® and Papier Poudre® are registered trademarks.

What is it used for?

The natural ingredients of Papier Poudré have a unique blotting action that helps lift dust and grime from the skin and soaks up excess oils, keeping your face looking fresh and natural all day long, with or without makeup.

How useful is Papier Poudré?

The concept of face blotting papers goes back centuries, but Papier Poudré was developed at a time when face powder was generally applied in private and it was impractical or unseemly to “touch up” one’s makeup in public. The convenience and discretion of Papier Poudré made it extremely popular in Edwardian times, and became an enduring must-have for decades thereafter.

It can be used to set makeup in place of loose or compact face powder, and used as a “touch-up” aide to combat shine during the day. Makeup artists will find the products extremely useful for touching up and reducing shine on both male and female artists in front of the camera.

It can also be used to remove shine on the face where makeup has not be applied.

No mirror required and no spillage. An ideal product to keep handy in pockets, handbags and kit bags.

How do I know it is real Papier Poudré?

For a brand that has been around for over 100 years, it’s not surprising that others have tried to copy it. Always buy Papier Poudré from reputable retailers, and beware of imitations and fakes. Unless it is genuine Papier Poudré we cannot guarantee the quality of imitations. Papier Poudré is natural, safe to use, and suitable for sensitive skins.

How do I use Papier Poudré?

It’s really very simple. Each booklet contains 65 sheets of powdered paper. Tear off a leaf when you need it and gently press or pat the skin with the powdered side. Excess oil from the skin will appear on the paper, demonstrating its absorbent properties.

What shade should I buy?

We have three shades – White (translucent powder finish, for very light skin tones), Rose (for light to medium skin tones) and Rachel (for warmer skin tones, medium to dark).

As Papier Poudré products are handmade there may be slight variations in shade between batches.  Why not try our mixed pack (1 of each shade) first?



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White, Rose, Rachel, Mixed


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