Vintage Perfumes make a British Comeback

Nostalgic Perfumes Collection

If there’s something we have longed for at Vintage Hair Lounge it’s the revival of British vintage beauty products, and we are delighted to now be working closely with Beauty Brand Development who have recently launched a Nostalgic Perfumes Collection of iconic scents from the 1950s to the 1990s all made in England.

Scent can be so infused with memory that the resurrection of the originals can evoke a time in people’s lives that connects them back to the eras they feel most nostalgia for, whether it be from their own youth, significant times in their lives, or the fond memories of family members who loved and wore the scents that can now be enjoyed once again.


So let’s give you a quick run down of the collection and its history.

We start with Goya Black Rose from 1955 which became Goya’s most famous and most popular perfume it ever made. Goya began making perfumes in 1936 but the boom time for its perfume and cosmetics was the 1950s when post-war austerity gave way to a consumer led boom in luxury and fashion items that shaped the glamour of the era. Whilst Douglas Collins was the man behind the Goya collection, it was his son Christopher Collins that was able to advise Beauty Brand Development in their quest to revive the perfume to its original scent and packaging and introduce the perfume once again to a whole new generation of perfume and vintage enthusiasts. The original Goya Black Rose famously took four years to develop.

Although Goya began in London, by 1946 the brand began its move to premises in Amersham, where over 100 women worked on the factory floor, packing and checking the products by hand. The Amersham Museum still holds an impressive archive from the brand’s extraordinary past.


Another iconic perfume borne of the Goya enterprise was Aqua Manda, first launched in 1947 but most famously associated with the 1960s and 1970s reflected in its accolade of the top selling perfume between 1969 and 1975. Its sister perfume Aqua Citra made an appearance between 1973 and 1975.


So now we move to the later part of the 1970s and 1980s and an other iconic perfume, this time from Fabergé, Babe. Babe first appears in 1976, and quickly found its place in the hearts of women, as it became Fabergé’s largest selling women’s fragrance in its first year of issue. The perfume went on to receive two prestigious awards from the Fragrance Foundation in 1977 – Most Successful Introduction of a Women’s Fragrance in Popular Distribution and Best Advertising Campaign for Women’s Fragrance.

Babe Poster

And finally to the 1990s and another Women’s Fragrance of the Year (1992), Tribe. Launched in 1991, Tribe famously sponsored Take That’s first world tour in 1992, making it synonymous with “Cool Britannia” and the revival of a boy-band fan base of sassy young women.

Tribe Poster

We commend Beauty Brand Development for painstakingly restoring these iconic British perfumes and thoroughly support their commitment to exploring our own British vintage beauty past. We are confident there are more gems in our past to bring back! Watch this space!

All images kindly provided by and reproduced with the permission of Beauty Brand Development.

Stockist enquiries, particularly vintage stockists interested in all or any of the perfumes and their associated products should in the first instance contact Sharon Holloway at VHL Distribution

Papier Poudré new campaign with Scarlett Luxe

Papier Poudré with Scarlette Luxe

One of the most exciting campaigns we have recently become involved with in 2016 involves the new distribution partnership between our sister company VHL Distribution and British heritage brand Papier Poudré, who still make pocket sized natural bamboo based powdered blotting papers just as they were, since launching in England as far back as 1903 in to London’s beauty conscious high society.


Papier Poudré archive


The iconic packaging, still in use today, features the painting and sketches of a mysterious lady in traditional 1790s style, proving that “vintage” packaging was in vogue even in Edwardian times. It is believed the lady may well be the French actress Elizabeth-Rachel Félix, who, whilst not born until 1821, was known on stage for a variety of powerful female roles set in all eras. Her name is certainly strongly associated with the term Rachel which has been in common usage for near on two hundred years to describe the colour of tan toned powders and cosmetics. The Papier Poudré range comprises powdered papers in three tones – White (translucent, for pale skin), Rose (gently tinted for medium complexions) and Rachel (tan tinted for warmer and darker skin tones). The trademark associated with Papier Poudré Lehcaresor also appears to spell RoseRachel backwards.

Our own interest in authentic vintage beauty products led us to team up with the brand in order to reach new vintage and makeup/beauty sectors in the UK, and who better to breathe life into this new campaign but National Vintage Awards UK Best Pinup model 2015 Scarlett Luxe, who we have worked with on a number of Vintage Hair Lounge projects. I immediately saw Scarlett’s potential for recreating the painting of the lady in Papier Poudré’s product archive, and was greatly influenced by the filmic styling of many a period movie from the delicate Girl with a Pearl Earring (featuring Scarlett Johansson) to the more eighties/punk interpretation of the iconic story of Marie Antoinette (featuring Kirsten Dunst). The style of our proposed new photoshoot with Scott Chalmers led us to work with the great British period costume house Cosprop and film wig dressers and supplier the Wigstore, in order to ensure that the imagery was in keeping with an authentic period style. One slightly radical touch however, was to create Scarlett’s period makeup with Eye of Horus Cosmetics, using their gold and copper metallic eyeliners on the brows and eyeline and their almost metallic ISIS pallet of eyeshadows of warm peachy tones. Scott’s beautiful photography captured the editorial style required for 21st century hair and makeup imagery, whilst retaining the classic filmic look and the painting style of the period.


Papier Poudré with Scarlett Luxe


Does the Papier Poudré brand still have relevance today? It certainly does. Not only are many generations familiar the products, Papier Poudré has also inspired a whole modern industry of blotting paper type products designed to remove excess oils from the face whatever your age or gender. But Papier Poudré still have an enduring and unique product, perfect for everyday use, and a kit essential for makeup artists everywhere, particularly for on-set touch-ups for both male and female actors and models and for brides, where repeatedly overloading with face powder could create a deterioration in the appearance of the face on camera.

Papier Poudré will feature at their first UK Beauty show with Vintage Hair Lounge and VHL Distribution at the Wales Hair and Beauty Show in Cardiff on 8 May.

All images by Scott Chalmers Photography.  Hair and makeup by Sharon Holloway at Vintage Hair Lounge.

Féret Parfumeur, Bienvenue!

Feret Parfumeur at Victor Hugo

If you are looking for high quality nostalgia skincare products, look no further than Féret Parfumeur, the newest addition to our classic retail collection and UK distribution via our sister company VHL Distribution.

This iconic French brand has been making its signature products since 1865 and 1878 respectively, and we are honoured to be presenting them to what will undoubtedly become new fans in the UK.

On 5 December 2015 we were lucky enough for our UK launch to be hosted by Southampton’s authentic French café Boulangerie Victor Hugo, situated at the heart of the French Quarter, where the city’s long international trading history still leaves its mark on the local community and geography to this day.

Feret Parfumeur boxes

We were joined by local model Jade Hargood aka Avant Garde model and our very own Scott Chalmers to take this wonderful opportunity to create some new UK based product and lifestyle images of the brand in an amazing atmospheric location. The results are stunning and we look forward to sharing with you more of Scott’s photos from the day in the coming weeks and months.

Bloc Hyalin is a 100% natural finest alum bloc, known for centuries as an effective aid before and after shaving and as a natural anti-perspirant and deodrant. The astringent and anti-bacterial properties of Potassium Alum lend the block to many uses.

Hyalomiel, or Hyalin Jelly, is a moisturising and refreshing daily treatment for hands and feet, made with organic French honey and scented with rose powder.

Le Baume, a soothing multi-use balm made with organic French honey, Dandelion and scented with rose powder, will be joining the collection in the UK very soon.

We once again offer our thanks to Victor Hugo’s for all their support for us and this very special collection.

Hyalin collection

All images by Scott Chalmers

Hair and makeup for Jade, by Vintage Hair Lounge

Vintage Hair Lounge and Bésame Cosmetics at Vintage Nostalgia Show 2015

Vintage Nostalgia Show

Vintage Nostalgia Show is without doubt one of the best family friendly vintage summer festivals to visit this year.

Launched in 2012 this unique event has become one of our favourite events of the year, as Vintage Hair Lounge hosts the only on-site vintage hair and makeup salon with our own team of Vintage Hair Lounge trained hair stylists and makeup artists.

 Vintage Hair Lounge marquee

 Vintage Nostalgia Show

 Show images from 2012 by Harry Pearson.

The salon is extremely busy throughout the weekend, so pre-booking is advised. Drop us an email at for booking information and up to date availability of appointments.

We are also thrilled to be overseeing the show sponsorship by Bésame Cosmetics this year, and styling our Bésame Europe models Raven Brookes (who features in the sponsorship imagery above) and Hanna Wickstrand, known as Honey B’Zarre, who is joining us from Finland for the weekend.

Clothes Show - Raven Brookes

 Clothes Show - Honey B'Zarre

Photos of Raven Brookes and Honey B’Zarre (with Jacquie from Frilly Chantilly) by Paul Jones

Our Vintage Hair Lounge and Bésame Cosmetics team will be staying on site this year, as we try a bit of “glamping” and get involved in the show in lots of new fun ways!

Follow all our preparations for Vintage Nostalgia Show on our special Facebook event page here.