Organic skincare from France – Lady Green in the UK


Fun, retro, organic, genuinely participative – that’s Lady Green, a revolutionary concept in organic skincare made for young women and girls and now in the UK. Lady Green is the first organic cosmetics line specially designed for young women. This fun French brand is genuinely participative, engaging over 200 girls and young women aged 12 to 25 in creating products that shaped the design of the brand to truly answer their needs.

All Lady Green products are certified organic by Ecocert and several have been proven effective with natural active ingredients in the product formulas, providing high performance on young skin.

Whilst the beautiful and innovative range of products is ideal for young skin and wins hands-down against many of the dull unisex and “medicated” marketing style ranges targeted at young people, there’s lot to discover within the range for any age, and any skin type, and our favourite at Vintage Hair Lounge is without doubt, the Fraîcher Céleste Cleansing Micella Water, which gently cleanses impurities and makeup from the skin and eyes so effectively, that we can genuinely recommend this product as the best makeup remover we have ever come across. It even removes our Eye of Horus Cosmetics range as an effective and gentle alternative to warm water as the brand advises, and therefore great for makeup artists who repeatedly utilise and demonstrate product on the back of the hand! And like many of the skincare products in the range, it comes in a pretty reusable tube, so fantastic for makeup brushes and tools at no extra cost.

Lady Green Fraîcher Céleste

We are also impressed with the attention to detail shown by Lady Green for the beauty routines of any kind of skin. You don’t need to purchase every product in the range to suit your needs; a well chosen selection can tailor-make an effective routine for any skin type.

Take the Konjac sponges for example. These neat little devices, currently in 6 variations with different shapes, scents and properties, really assist in the skincare routine. Used damp on the face and then squeezed out and hung up to dry by their dinky little tags, the Konjac Sponges have much more to offer than a simple flannel.

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Konjac or “Amorphophallus konjac” is a perennial plant native to southeast Asia. It grows naturally in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. It has been used as a food for over 1,500 years and is known for its medicinal and slimming properties. Asians have also been using it for more than a century as a beauty treatment for delicate and sensitive skin.

Lady Green has also recently added larger versions of the sponges that suit the body.

We could go through every product in the range singing their praises, but why not simply browse our range and try something new, for yourself or for a gift for younger members of the family. At Vintage Hair Lounge, we have always sought to source high performing ethical products that sit comfortably in the work we do and the values we promote, and it is a genuine joy to have discovered Lady Green.

Potential stockists will also be thrilled to hear that the brand has a vast range of stockist support, displays, training and a professional range suited to creating treatment services specifically for young women and girls.

Lady Green Displays Image : Lady Green on display at Vintage Hair Lounge salon at Vintage Nostalgia Show 2016

For more information about Lady Green in the UK and stockist enquiries please contact Sharon Holloway at our sister company VHL Distribution Limited

Main images used with the kind permission of Lady Green.

Féret Parfumeur, Bienvenue!

Feret Parfumeur at Victor Hugo

If you are looking for high quality nostalgia skincare products, look no further than Féret Parfumeur, the newest addition to our classic retail collection and UK distribution via our sister company VHL Distribution.

This iconic French brand has been making its signature products since 1865 and 1878 respectively, and we are honoured to be presenting them to what will undoubtedly become new fans in the UK.

On 5 December 2015 we were lucky enough for our UK launch to be hosted by Southampton’s authentic French café Boulangerie Victor Hugo, situated at the heart of the French Quarter, where the city’s long international trading history still leaves its mark on the local community and geography to this day.

Feret Parfumeur boxes

We were joined by local model Jade Hargood aka Avant Garde model and our very own Scott Chalmers to take this wonderful opportunity to create some new UK based product and lifestyle images of the brand in an amazing atmospheric location. The results are stunning and we look forward to sharing with you more of Scott’s photos from the day in the coming weeks and months.

Bloc Hyalin is a 100% natural finest alum bloc, known for centuries as an effective aid before and after shaving and as a natural anti-perspirant and deodrant. The astringent and anti-bacterial properties of Potassium Alum lend the block to many uses.

Hyalomiel, or Hyalin Jelly, is a moisturising and refreshing daily treatment for hands and feet, made with organic French honey and scented with rose powder.

Le Baume, a soothing multi-use balm made with organic French honey, Dandelion and scented with rose powder, will be joining the collection in the UK very soon.

We once again offer our thanks to Victor Hugo’s for all their support for us and this very special collection.

Hyalin collection

All images by Scott Chalmers

Hair and makeup for Jade, by Vintage Hair Lounge